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The Big One

Lu (his name) was born at the San Diego Zoo in 1960.
He weighed 90 pounds at birth and today exceeds 6000 pounds,
He has been a resident at the Homosassa State Wildlife Park since 1964 and will spend the remainder of his life there. He was a rescued animal.
In the wild hippos will live 40-50 years , Lu will be 53 in 2013

Full screen please.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 23 2012 01:25 GMT julie13
For a minute I thought you had a new pet :) He looks a real character and I think any animal that lives that long must be very intelligent. That is a heavy boy but he looks adorable. Love the way you have photographed him, really good detail.
Oct 23 2012 02:00 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Have you seen one of those with his mouth open ? it's gi huge !!!! great shot Barb:-))
Oct 23 2012 04:29 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful shot, Barb! You made a great portrait of this old boy!! ;-))
Oct 23 2012 05:35 GMT sini
Great portrait!:)
Oct 23 2012 06:02 GMT senna3
Superb portrait, great photography!
Oct 23 2012 06:11 GMT 25barb
Yes,I have taken pics with his mouth open...Huge, huge, huge
But he eats a lot every day....To maintain his weight he consumes 15 pounds of alfalfa ,4 huge scoops of herbivor diet food and a 5 gallon bucket of fruits and vegetables. He is not a dainty eater....
Oct 23 2012 06:52 GMT ThorBeverley PRO

He is quite a size - I hate to think of how much all that food costs - I'm glad he's not my pet!
Oct 23 2012 06:55 GMT saffi9
hes got his eye on you barb wonderful portrait
Oct 23 2012 08:30 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Excellent shot of Lu. Great details and light. Thank you for all the information too. He is massive!
Oct 23 2012 09:14 GMT hallo
Lu still looks well, he must be treated very well at the zoo and you captured him quite well barbara!
Oct 23 2012 10:43 GMT hanek
This is a very nice animal, but is attentive to be one of the most dangerous in Africa.
Oct 23 2012 11:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
As Hanek says, one of the most dangerous animals, but hippos always look so appealing - almost cute - and I love this one!
Oct 23 2012 13:33 GMT bandsix
I do too! He's magnificent!!
Oct 23 2012 14:47 GMT hans55 PRO
he's huge ! ..great captured !
Oct 23 2012 21:43 GMT wijnie58
WOW What a beautiful animal....but very dangerous..!!!
Oct 24 2012 01:10 GMT gtc126
Great Shot, Just in time for Christmas: All I want for Christmas is a Hippotimiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 24 2012 20:00 GMT sheasoru68
Super photo Barb.,..perfect natural lighting,..and lovely perspective,....
First of all,...I thought that I was looking in the mirror...:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Oct 27 2012 05:32 GMT mbz