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This is how one area of the Atlantic Ocean was seen in September of this year during my visit..It is hard to imagine what the area must look like today after
Sandy devastated the area. My friend who lives between the ocean and a bay was evacuated on this past Sunday and as of this time was told it could be another week before she would be able to return home and not knowing what she will find.
This photo shows the fences in place to protect the sand dunes...and they probably no longer exist.
View in full screen please.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2012 00:31 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful beach view, Barbara..I hope everything is oke...:-))
Nov 02 2012 00:59 GMT Myshots
Excellent capture, with so much details in full screen..Your so right about what it may look like now.....
Nov 02 2012 03:45 GMT hallo
Nice perspective barb, I wish your friend safety and good luck!
Nov 02 2012 08:18 GMT senna3
So peaceful in this image and an unleashed monster a few days back.
Let us hope that the damage on her house is not too great.
Nov 02 2012 08:24 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Indeed a beautiful image - like you I have felt enormous sympathy for all those poor people whose lives have been turned upside down.
Nov 02 2012 08:49 GMT hans55 PRO
nature gives and takes ... my thoughts are with those people ..we see terrible things on our news !!
Nov 02 2012 09:45 GMT clintonfolks
I agree with hans...
Nov 02 2012 12:07 GMT Papagena
Nature's strongth always shows us how little we are !! In my country we learn it above all with what happens in our mountains !! Since the permafrost begins to melt, more and more little or big parts of rock are falling down......


Nov 02 2012 14:49 GMT Donjames
Must be viewed in full size.
I do hope your friend has not suffered a huge loss, what we have seen on tv is shocking so many people left with nothing at all.
Nov 02 2012 16:56 GMT julie13
Beautiful pic. I hope your friend and all those affected can get back on their feet soon.
Nov 02 2012 17:00 GMT bandsix
Unimaginable that hurricane Sandy has wreaked such enormous damage to places such as this...so lovely here, and yet now a place of devastation and loss...I wish your friend well.......
Nov 02 2012 17:53 GMT Annamaria
A perfect picture of past time....

We saw so many pictures and documentaries on television of New York... so many dead people.... so many destroyed houses.... especially Staten island looks bad!!

I hope your friends house is oke, Barb!!
Nov 02 2012 17:56 GMT 25barb
Thanks for all your caring comments. I appreciate your kind concern. I will not know my friend's status until telephone contact becomes available.
Nov 02 2012 20:16 GMT T1MELESS PRO
There is so much detail here ,the woman in the blue bikini playing bat and ball the gull hopping about on one leg and the umberella that looks like it is watching you with that one big eye .Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 02 2012 21:08 GMT gtc126
Nice Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the calm before the storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 04 2012 10:41 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great composition using the fence line and the sky. Love that there is a seagull there.

So sad that there has been so much destruction and loss of life
Nov 05 2012 19:54 GMT fa69
Great view !!!!!!!