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"I've got the world on a string" and my dog on a leash.

I was driving on the opposite side of a very busy highway and saw this man with a globe??, I turned around to get on the other side of the highway where he was walking- very curious as to what he was doing
I stopped and talked with him...his cause to Encourage Walking. He had his dog with him...He had made 9 walks in 39 states and his dog walked with him in all 9 walks This walk started in Panama City, Florida and would end in Tampa, Florida. And that is about 360 miles and that is a very long walk...
He believes in his cause. I do not know the significence of the globe??
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 11 2013 00:09 GMT clintonfolks
WOW .! great find.!!! wonderful photo..
Feb 11 2013 03:07 GMT T1MELESS PRO
He's got the whole world in his hands !!!!! Now there is a good song title :-))
Feb 11 2013 06:14 GMT Annamaria
Maybe there is a little chair inside to have a little rest now and then... he will need one during all his walks..... ;-)
Feb 11 2013 08:01 GMT hans55 PRO
thats the good way for a hike !! ...whats he doing with that globe ?? :-)
Feb 11 2013 14:18 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Jim, He has the hole world in his hand, Barbara...Great shot..:-))
Feb 11 2013 14:32 GMT hanek
Walk for 360 miles !!!! ... oh my God how I envy him a great adventure .... I have so little time for my dreams ... perhaps I should to give up all the confusion and be really free as he and his dog ...
Feb 11 2013 14:34 GMT hallo
Very nice catch, although he's on the wrong side of the globe if he wants to hike :)
Feb 11 2013 15:56 GMT Hanny50
Well seen walker Barb, great find!!
Feb 11 2013 17:39 GMT Petermosull
What an interesting character, great find Barb. And you did exactly what i would have done, you stoped and went up to him to find out the story, and such an interesting one it is too.
Feb 11 2013 17:50 GMT Papagena
Congratulations to this guy !! It's his contribution to Diabetes Awareness !! Have a look at his website !! :

In 2008 we had a fabulous event in Geneva: A man walking on our lake to contribute to another healthy problem :



Feb 11 2013 18:29 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a marvellous character and a super photo!
And interesting to read Ruth's weblinks!
Feb 11 2013 19:29 GMT bandsix
Fantastic.....may he continue to walk and raise awareness for a lot longer!
Feb 11 2013 21:22 GMT Bigbear10
A great find Barbara, good luck to him in his quest
Feb 12 2013 21:09 GMT gtc126
Simply Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 17 2013 20:50 GMT mbz