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This is how Florida looked years ago without the invasion of progress.
Each year more land is developed and nature is lost forever.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2012 05:11 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful river and hopefully not lost forever . Nice reflection entry Barb :)
Aug 02 2012 06:41 GMT Donjames
Lovely entry, I know what you mean about nature being destroyed with progress. We have the problem with baboons raiding houses on the mountainside, people want to shoot them but they were there first we are invading their space, so now we have baboon chasers roaming the mountains. Also houses are being built so high up mountainsides it just destroys the beauty of nature.....Progress ?????
Aug 02 2012 06:49 GMT hanek
At the time of my life on the earth's population has doubled ... less and less will be so beautiful places on earth ....
Aug 02 2012 08:15 GMT Ada90
Very great clear shot......nice reflections.
Aug 02 2012 08:39 GMT sheasoru68
Yes,..is it development for good??..or just for profit at any expense??....lovely reflections Barb..
Aug 02 2012 08:53 GMT sherlock139
Excellent shot, Barb. Nice reflection!!!
Aug 02 2012 09:01 GMT FRIESIAN
Nice reflection shot!!!!
Aug 02 2012 09:42 GMT clintonfolks
Aug 02 2012 14:07 GMT jomoud PRO
Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times.
All over the world nature is being disturbed or altered to suit "modern" civilization.
What we admire and love in nature today may be gone tomorrow:(:(:(
Aug 02 2012 14:14 GMT wijnie58
Fabulous reflection entry, Barbara..:-))
Aug 02 2012 14:30 GMT gtc126
NICE REFLECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 02 2012 16:10 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nature has a way of getting it's own back .My garden is a fine example ,leave it alone for a week and it takes a month to get it sorted :-))
Aug 02 2012 18:03 GMT peterpinhole
Here we are trying to keep the wetlands free from developement when and were ever we can. Although the mighty dollar speaks louder than Mother nature unfortunately...
Thanks for your kind comments Barb.
Aug 02 2012 18:04 GMT julie13
Great reflection entry. It is so sad nature is sacrificed for the sake of development, I am sure this is why weather has gone crazy, we are upsetting the balance.
Aug 02 2012 20:09 GMT Annamaria
Lovely picture!! I am sure mankind will regret in a few years, all we are doing to nature now.....
Aug 02 2012 20:21 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice reflections !!
Aug 02 2012 20:49 GMT sherlock139
Marvelous reflection, Barb. Well presented!!!