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Comments on this photo:

Apr 02 2013 22:47 GMT 25barb
These shoes were meant for walking
when they were given to thrift stores, the owner of a small coffee
shop in Helen, Georgia, purchased them to put on the legs of
chairs as the chair legs had damaged the floor. He was ready to replace the floor , but will still use shoes for protection.
The dirty shoes is a result of patrons stepping on them.

"Welcome to Alpine Helen Nested in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Helen is one of the most beautiful sections of Northeast Georgia. This mountain community has a wide variety of natural attractions. Whether sightseeing on the Blue Ridge Mountains, visiting the beautiful Anna Ruby Falls, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or tubing down the Chattahochee River, this Bavarian town has something for everyone. The area also holds more than 200 specialty and import shops. Newcomers to Helen quickly fall in love with the spectacular mountain views, mild weather, and the festive atmosphere of the area. Helen is the natural choice for a great mountain vacation. Helen sponsors year-round events including a Trout Tournament, canoeing and rafting, Hot Air Balloon Festival, fireworks, Oktoberfest (Sept.13th-Oct. 28th), The Christmas lighting spectacle "Alpenlights", and Volksmarch which includes the Christmas walk "Alpine Stroll" and The spring Walk "A Walk in the Woods"

I visited Helen during Christmas vacation.

Apr 02 2013 22:48 GMT wijnie58
Thats really funny chairs, Barbara...Maybe they walk a away...:-))
Apr 02 2013 23:45 GMT clintonfolks
Apr 03 2013 01:07 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Stepping out :-) great find Barb !!!!
Apr 03 2013 04:21 GMT Annamaria
Great solution!!
Apr 03 2013 07:17 GMT bandsix
Good idea...just read about the place, and it sounds fabulous, especially the bit about 'beat the heat, come now'......heat? what's that? I seem to remember hearing about it :)))
Apr 03 2013 08:46 GMT MargNZ
Great fun and quite practical Barb. Helen sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy ...it is also my second name :))
Apr 03 2013 09:20 GMT Papagena
Now that's a fantastic idea !! I will talk about to my husband as protections we put on our kitchenchairs do often escape !! So I must just put an advise note at the entrance of our building to get old shoes of our neighbours !! ;+))) lol
Apr 03 2013 12:41 GMT peterpinhole
Pretty odd but if it works why not.....
Apr 03 2013 14:24 GMT hans55 PRO
a walking chair !! :-)
Apr 03 2013 15:33 GMT Myshots
Cool and interesting!!!!
Apr 03 2013 18:29 GMT senna3
Very original image!
Apr 04 2013 01:59 GMT pauli3522
jajajajajja..so funnyyyyyyyyyy
Apr 04 2013 17:01 GMT mbz
Apr 08 2013 20:30 GMT gtc126
Helen, Ga. is a beautiful place in the mountains. That would be bad if the table and chair walked away from you!!!!!!
Apr 08 2013 20:31 GMT gtc126
Helen, Ga. is a beautiful place in the mountains. That would be bad if the table and chair walked away from you!!!!!!