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Maybe easy, maybe not....The 1st Place Prize will go to the first right answer...

Have A Wonderful Weekend
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 06 2012 23:59 GMT rainbow71
The light of a torch reflecting of a wall? a wonderful entry.
Sep 07 2012 01:36 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I think I agree with Rainbow I am sure it something like that!!!!
Sep 07 2012 02:04 GMT porph
A notion of the Sun's Glare
Sep 07 2012 04:13 GMT jomoud PRO
flashlight beam?
Terrific entry
Have a wonderful weekend Barb
Sep 07 2012 04:29 GMT hallo
Light source reflected on the wall, but how....Very clever barb!
Sep 07 2012 05:28 GMT senna3
Yes, som play of light, very intriguin, perfect entry!!
Sep 07 2012 05:53 GMT marijke06
lamp light on the wall?...nice effect :)
Sep 07 2012 06:55 GMT saffi9
great entry barb like my entry, a bit easy :)
Sep 07 2012 09:44 GMT 25barb
There are several who were close to the answer - so the prize goes to all in the winning category - a million smiles to each.
The "answer my friend" as Bob Dylan might sing is:
during Hurricane Season I keep a lantern-type flashlight handy in case there is an electric outage. I happened to put the lantern on the back of the sofa with the light on and it did indeed show as seen on the wall..The blank ring at the bottom was the light of the lantern.
Thank you for viewing and commenting....
Sep 07 2012 11:25 GMT 25barb
I meant the black ring not blank...oops
Sep 07 2012 14:48 GMT julie13
I knew that :)
Sep 07 2012 17:31 GMT FRIESIAN
Wonderful photo Barb!!!!!!
Sep 07 2012 18:34 GMT FLUMP
I would never have thought of that!
Sep 07 2012 18:54 GMT sini
Great idea!:)
Sep 07 2012 20:57 GMT Myshots
Stunning shot....creative......
Sep 07 2012 22:15 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful play with the light! Very interesting entry,Barbara!
Sep 08 2012 05:40 GMT hans55 PRO
a great entry ... i always have a flashlight with me !! :-)
Sep 08 2012 23:16 GMT gtc126
GREAT ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 09 2012 18:32 GMT mbz