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"I've lost my head over You"

Eros Bendto is one of many sculptures in City Park, St. Louis. Mo
It was done by Igot Mitoraj (done bronze in 1999 and is 89" x 146" x 114") and has the feel of an ancient relic. It was inspired by Greek mythology - the Greek God of love and desire.
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Comments on this photo:

May 30 2012 06:31 GMT saffi9
superb and well composed
May 30 2012 06:34 GMT sheasoru68
Perfect angle Barb.,...poor fellow,...but I bet she was worth it....:-)
May 30 2012 06:45 GMT senna3
Very expressive sculpture, magnificently photographed!
May 30 2012 06:48 GMT hallo
Very nice sculpture, I wonder what those stripes are for...maybe he had nose bleeding :)
May 30 2012 10:17 GMT superJoan
Great piece of art work....I wonder why they put him on his side.....
May 30 2012 12:17 GMT clintonfolks
great photo..
May 30 2012 14:15 GMT hans55 PRO
great art !!!
May 30 2012 14:44 GMT wijnie58
WOW Awesome shot of the sculpture, Barbara....:-))
May 30 2012 17:43 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A terrific find Barbara and a great shot !!!!!!
May 30 2012 19:33 GMT happysnaper
Fantastic image Barb.
May 30 2012 19:41 GMT Petermosull
Great image of a very beautiful piece of art work, I am wondering what the band that starts at the corner of the mouth and wraps around the head represents, but of course, that is what the artists wants us to do, I love it when any type of visual art asks qustions of the viewer, including photography, you d it with your images as do so many others on here, and as I hoope I do with mine. There are of course no right answers to the questions, only what the observer sees for themselves.
May 30 2012 20:02 GMT 25barb
The bandages that wrap Ero's face suggest that the eyes and mouth have been covered indicating that desires and ideas have been imprisoned. The bandanges also symbolize two opposing views of the world - either that civilization is broken beyond repair, or that it is being held together despite destructive forces
This what was on the brochure that I had picked up - interesting. Maybe it will help
ha ha...

For Petermosull.....
May 30 2012 20:37 GMT sherlock139
Well done, Barbara. Fine details and excellent presentation. A very interesting sculpture.
May 30 2012 21:22 GMT bandsix
It's a wonderful sculpture....I love it (and I was happy to read what the brochure said, too!)