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It seems that this Florida alligator has a propensity for Irish beer..
The glass has a shamrock so one would think it is Irish beer - maybe Guiness.
So to all I wish you a wonderful weekend - I am sure that the Irish photographers have used this toast often,
So here's to you...Have a pint......

"May your troubles be less
and your blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
comes through your door".

May happines come through your door today and always.

Have a great weekend
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 10 2012 00:18 GMT sheasoru68
Not sure about the toast Barb,..but we have drank plenty Guinness,...and met the odd Alligator or 3 along the way too,.....ah but nothing beats sinking a few black ones at an open fire after been out taking a few shots in the highways and byways of the local countryside.......Slàinte.......
Nov 10 2012 04:07 GMT hallo
Thanks for the good wishes barb and have a nice weekend too!
Nov 10 2012 06:45 GMT Petermosull
Sláinte Barb,

Here's a toast I like from Ireland to you:

Go raibh tú daibhir i mí-áidh
Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
Go mall ag déanamh namhaid, go luath a déanamh carad,
Ach saibhir nó daibhir, go mall nó go luath,
Nach raibh ach áthas agat
Ón lá seo amach.


May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
quick to make friends,
But rich or poor, quick or slow,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.
Nov 10 2012 07:45 GMT hans55 PRO
Proost Barb ... and have a fantastic weekend too !! ... dont drink tomuch !! :-)
Nov 10 2012 09:49 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Sláinte! Great find. Wishing you a great weekend too.
Nov 10 2012 10:02 GMT clintonfolks
Nov 10 2012 10:12 GMT wijnie58
Thanks Barbara...Have also a wonderful weekend too...:-)) Cheers...!!
Nov 10 2012 19:51 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful Barb ...I love these Irish toast's . Here's to you :))
Nov 10 2012 22:28 GMT Annamaria
Cheers, Barb! May you have a nice weekend!! ;-)) (without headaches of the beer...)
Nov 10 2012 22:55 GMT pauli3522
hhahhaha..so funny barb
Nov 12 2012 15:21 GMT Papagena
I like this proverb as well as that of Peter, and will copy both in my little book !! Thanks a lot for sharing Barb !! ;o)

I hope you had really a wonderful weekend !!