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Hi Guys, since my Dad passed away at Easter I have been finding life very hard! My love of everything has drained out of me. Hence I have not posted for ages. But with the help of a few pills and my amazing Wife, I am getting back on track. Hopefully come spring, I will have the desire back, to pick up the camera's again and start shooting in the studio and out and about again. So please accept my apologies, I will get commenting on your lovely photo's soon I promise. So Happy 2013 to you all.

Best regards,

Rob (2011Rob)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2013 18:45 GMT Jakeobean
Rob, My condolences to you and glad to hear that you are doing better....Look forward to your new photographs in 2013. Always remember that life eternal is assured by those that remember.....
Jan 03 2013 18:49 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Thank you Jake :-)
Jan 03 2013 19:17 GMT Cronos1
Sorry for your dad, Rob ...
Good to see you back, my old friend !
Happy 2013 to you too !
Jan 03 2013 19:40 GMT mamontof
My Condolences Rob , loses make man stronger , just live and try duet some thing what your Father will apresheate
Jan 03 2013 20:10 GMT abojovna PRO
Dear friend Rob, last year was to hard for you! I hope the 2013 will be better! Glad to see you to be happy!
Jan 03 2013 21:55 GMT junne PRO
my sincere condolences rob, only time can heal the pain of such a loss. keep a stiff upper lip ! just feel good about the love you had, because not many people have such deep feelings for anyone.
Jan 03 2013 22:01 GMT wijnie58
My condolences Rob, I hope to see you soon on FT. Happy New Year for you and your family...:-))
Jan 04 2013 10:50 GMT ghadeer
Hey man where have you been..long time no see..
Jan 04 2013 17:30 GMT hallo
Good to see you're back Rob...Sorry for your loss, but that's life!
Wishing you a good year and looking forward to see more of your interesting photography..
Jan 04 2013 22:17 GMT annieann PRO
nice one ...
Jan 06 2013 06:12 GMT sini
Happy 2013!:)
Jan 20 2013 15:28 GMT EveCN
sorry for your dad ...
Feb 05 2013 16:52 GMT Lens
in fact we missed your self your art your models and your coments
thst why our pleasur for having you back
in the samd time feeling so sorry for your dad
we know how its hard you lose some ond dear
so all appreciation of coming back
cant wait to see your cam shutter clicking
best wishes from Lens
Mar 04 2013 17:52 GMT annieann PRO
nice portrait rob
Mar 22 2013 23:42 GMT Hamin PRO
cheers ------ u rock !
Mar 23 2013 13:49 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Thanks Manny:-))
Apr 11 2013 18:25 GMT Annamaria
Hi Rob, I don't know how I could have missed your message... please accept my late condolences....

It good to read that you are feeling a bit better.... I hope this will continue! Keep the dear memories alive... they will support you in future!
Apr 11 2013 23:10 GMT legs4daze PRO
yer still a right handsome fella in your sorrow if i may say... that looks to be a pint of Guinness? that'll help too... i can't imagine when my father (or mother) will leave what my life will be like, but i can imagine the terrible sense of loss and the awful pain... hugs hugs and another big one for your dear wife to support you with her love xoxo